What Is Invisalign Teen?


Hi! My name is Samantha and I am a patient of Dr. Moradi’s. I have been using Invisalign teen for the last few months and want to tell you about my results.

First, you might ask, what is Invisalign? As opposed to the traditional metal “train track” braces, Invisalign is a series of aligners made from clear, medical-grade plastic which might be custom-molded to fit every single individual patient.

You can’t see the aligners when you wear them and they can be removed prior to consuming and brushing.

When Align Technology introduced Invisalign Teen, the goal was to address precise needs associated towards the teen remedy market that the classic Invisalign product didn’t address.

Invisalign Teen varies only slightly from the original Invisalign, however, it makes a terrific deal of distinction to the teen who’s undergoing therapy. To be distinct, it has features designed specifically for teens who’re nonetheless inside the growth and development stage.

When looking in the aligners, most patients and their parents notice the tiny blue circles near the back teeth on the aligners initial. These are referred to as compliance indicators. They’re developed to alleviate parents’ concerns over no matter whether their children, in fact, wear the aligners as prescribed. The blue circles gradually fade over time as the aligners are worn.

Parents require only look at those indicators on the aligners to establish no matter whether the aligners are becoming worn. Invisalign Teen’s specially engineered aligners also function particular characteristics that address the natural eruption of second molars as well as other erupting teeth, which are widespread amongst teenage patients.

Finally, another concern amongst lots of parents is what to complete within the event that their youngster loses an aligner.

Even so, within the event that an aligner is lost, Invisalign Teen delivers as much as six free replacements.

Invisalign Teen has proven to be an excellent product that makes it possible for teenagers to have all the benefits of orthodontics therapy, while nonetheless becoming able to get rid of the aligners for key moments.

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