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If you are embarrassed about aesthetic issues with your teeth, your San Jose cosmetic dentist can help you find a solution to fix these problems. Porcelain veneers are available to fix a wide variety of issues so you can restore a beautiful smile that you love. Keep reading to see what they can do for you:

They Fix Discoloration

Even a few stained teeth can mess up your entire smile. If you are embarrassed by discoloration, you should talk to the cosmetic dentist about getting fitted for veneers. The dentist matches the veneers to the rest of your teeth so you get the most natural looking results.

They Correct Shape Issues

If you have slight issues with the shape of your teeth, porcelain veneers are a great solution for you. These thin pieces of porcelain can fit right over the problem area of your teeth to instantly improve the look of your smile. When the teeth are properly shaped, it helps you restore balance to your entire mouth.

They Can Fix Fractured Teeth

When you chip or fracture a tooth, it makes it more difficult to talk and chew the way you normally would. Visiting your cosmetic dentist for porcelain veneers helps you fix these small imperfections and restore optimal function to your mouth. The veneers can also correct the aesthetic imperfections of chips and fractures that might make you feel self-conscious about your smile.

They Close Gaps

Gaps in the teeth can lead to serious cosmetic and functional issues. Luckily, porcelain veneers give you an easy way to close up these gaps and keep your mouth looking and feeling its best.

They Correct Uneven Teeth

Porcelain veneers can also be used to restore balance to uneven teeth. This helps you get a more attractive smile and makes it easier to clean and care for your teeth. If you are embarrassed about uneven teeth, it is time to talk to the cosmetic dentist about porcelain veneers.

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