Your Special Care Dentistry Options

Everyone deserves a healthy mouth, a beautiful smile, and quality care. Patients with special needs may have a hard time finding a dentist suited to fit their needs. The caring and knowledgeable dental team at Moradi Signature Smiles is dedicated to treating all kinds of patients. Dr. Moradi welcomes patients with disabilities, children, seniors, and those with special medical needs.

At Moradi Signature Smiles in San Diego, we proudly practice special care dentistry. From geriatric services to complex cases, we offer personalized and attentive care. If you are unable to come to the office, our dental team can offer house calls during regular hours. Our dental team can also address your sleep apnea with an effective treatment that improves your sleeping experience. The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP), or Snore Guard, works to prevent your mouth from falling open during sleep, which allows for a clearer airway, improved breathing and reduced snoring. You are guaranteed quality care for your special needs when you come to Moradi Signature Smiles.

Special Care Dentistry Options by Moradi Signature Smiles in Campbell, CA

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