Fight Cavities with Fluoride

fight cavities with fluoride

The build-up of plaque on your teeth can lead to tooth decay and cavities. It is important to understand how tooth decay occurs and what are the most efficient ways to prevent it. A dentist near Los Gatos and Campbell can help you to maintain healthy teeth. Watch this video to find out more. The […]

Helping Children Care for Their Teeth

Did you know that the oral hygiene habits your children develop during childhood could stick with them throughout their entire adult lives? That is why teaching your kids the importance of dental care when they are young can help them keep a healthy smile for life and avoid the complications that accompany poor oral health […]

Why Is Flossing Important?

Although brushing your teeth daily and visiting your dentist in San Jose are important aspects of maintaining healthy teeth and gums, they are not enough to thwart off oral health issues on their own. Flossing is an essential element of preventing tooth decay, cavities, and periodontal disease. Flossing can actually dislodge food that is stuck […]

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