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Enhancing Your Signature Smile

You Can Rely on Our Professional Staff Located in Campell to Enhance Your Signature Smile!

Moradi Signature Smiles is committed to using only the best dental care technology. Our professional staff is constantly looking for ways to improve our practice, ensuring our patients receive the best customer service possible. We have been serving residents in Campbell for more than 17 years, working hard to build long lasting relationships with our patients. When you come to our office, you can rest assured we will use the most advanced dental technology. As a patient, you will benefit from friendly and personalized treatment, no matter your dental needs. With the latest technology on our side, we are able to improve the comfort and effectiveness of your oral treatments. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful, radiant smile in no time!

Oral Care Technology We Utilize

We utilize advanced technology to improve our treatment care and dental services, such as:

  • DIAGNOdent® Cavity Detection: This laser allows us to find hidden cavities, preventing further decay and damage to your teeth. The harmless laser beam will measure the extent of tooth decay, helping our dentist determine which preventative treatment option is best for your situation.
  • Digital X-Rays: The use of digital X-ray sensors, instead of traditional X-ray film, produces a sharper image with immediate results. When the images are stored as a digital file, they can be enhanced for accurate viewing. This makes digital X-rays easily transferable and accessible for us to review.
  • H.D. Intra-Oral Cameras: We use this advanced technology to provide an HD video image of patients’ teeth and gums. We can instantly review your oral healthcare, allowing you to see a video of your mouth. The intra-oral camera lets us view small details often difficult to detect with the naked eye.
  • Laser Dentistry: With laser technology, we can often eliminate the need for anesthesia. This makes patients comfortable, as their oral care problems can be taken care of more efficiently. Lasers can be used to remove cavities, perform root canal therapy, eliminate canker sores, and perform teeth whitening. Periodontal treatment and laser gum contouring are also performed with lasers.
teeth whitening
  • Snore Guard (TAP): The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP) is a simple treatment solution for sleep apnea and snoring. The oral appliance is comfortable, durable and adjustable, helping patients enjoy a more restful night of sleep.

If you would like more information on our advanced dental technology or would like to schedule your dental consultation, contact us today at (408) 539-3003.

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