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Cosmetic Bonding for Patients in San Jose & Campbell, CA

Many of our patients at Moradi Signature Smiles are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Whether you have discolored teeth or excessive gaps in-between them, cosmetic bonding may be used to help you achieve a better-looking smile. Because the resin material used in cosmetic dental bonding is matched closely to the color of your teeth, the results are both natural-looking and long-lasting. Cosmetic bonding is but one of the many restorative dental procedures we offer to fix teeth that have been aesthetically compromised by cavities or periodontal disease. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment for cosmetic bonding in the San Jose or Campbell, CA area.

cosmetic bonding

What Cosmetic Bonding Does for Your Teeth

During the cosmetic dental bonding procedure, a tooth-colored resin is applied directly to the surface of your tooth using a specialized laser. The heat from the laser’s ultraviolet light dries and hardens the resin material, so it’s kept in place while we trim and reshape it to fit your natural tooth enamel. Requiring little to no prep time, the entire cosmetic bonding process is usually performed in less than an hour per tooth. Cosmetic dental bonding is often used to correct many common cosmetic issues with your teeth, including any of the following:

  • Decayed or discolored teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Misshapen or elongated teeth
  • Teeth with large gaps in-between them
  • Teeth with receding gums and exposed roots
  • Teeth needing an alternative for an amalgam filling

How Cosmetic Dental Bonding Benefits You

One of the first things others notice about you is your smile. If you have an issue preventing you from smiling fully and confidently, Moradi Signature Smiles can help. While it’s true that you have many cosmetic restorative solutions available, including dental veneers and implants, cosmetic dental bonding offers many distinct benefits, including:

  • Less Invasive – Cosmetic bonding is a far less-invasive dental procedure than being fitted for dental crowns, veneers, or implants. Anesthesia is usually not required, nor is any downtime. The exception to this rule of thumb might be a situation when the chip on your tooth is close to a nerve or when drilling is required to help fill a cavity or alter the shape of your tooth significantly.
  • Same-Day Service – The good news for patients who experience dental anxiety is most cosmetic dental bonding procedures can be completed in an hour or less per tooth. Because we don’t need to have anything fabricated in an outside lab, this type of procedure can be completed directly in our office in just one appointment. Dental veneers and implants typically require multiple visits to our dental office.
  • Less Enamel Removal – Cosmetic bonding doesn’t require as much healthy tooth enamel removal when compared to other restorative dental procedures. This allows you to preserve more of the natural structure of your tooth. Once your tooth enamel’s gone, it’s gone forever.
  • Less Expensive – Cosmetic bonding is one of the cheapest restorative dental procedures available, which makes it ideal for patients on a tight budget.
cosmetic bonding benefits
cosmetic bonding benefits

Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding Right for Me?​

Depending on the extent and severity of your aesthetic dental concerns, cosmetic bonding may not be suitable for every patient or scenario. Many dentists recommend cosmetic dental bonding to correct minor issues or those involving your front teeth only. Generally speaking, the more significant your cosmetic issue is, the more you may want to consider one of our restorative alternatives. The resin material used in cosmetic dental bonding is durable and shouldn’t ever break completely, though it may need to be retouched occasionally for aesthetic purposes. You should continue to practice good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing your teeth daily and visiting your dentist for regular check-ups. However, you should refrain from biting your fingernails, eating ice or other hard foods, or chewing on pens to avoid chipping your cosmetic bonding’s resin material. The better you care for your teeth after a cosmetic dental bonding procedure, the longer you can expect the beautiful results to last.

Creating More Appealing Smiles with Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic dental bonding is a permanent cosmetic dental solution, though it may require a touch-up or replacement over time. With the proper care, cosmetic bonding materials can last anywhere from 3-10 years or more. Should you ever feel anything out-of-place when biting down, be sure to call us immediately to take a look. To learn more about or to schedule an appointment for cosmetic bonding in the San Jose or Campbell area, please contact us today. Moradi Signature Smiles has offered general, cosmetic, and emergency dental care for patients of all ages for over 17 years. Whatever your cosmetic concern with your teeth may be, we’ll do our best to help correct it, so you can enjoy a healthy, radiant smile for many years to come.

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