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Effective Periodontal Gum Treatment in Campbell, CA

Restoring the Health of Your Teeth and Gums

While you may think that a little blood in the sink after brushing is no big deal, it might actually be the first indicator of a much more serious problem. Periodontal disease or gum disease is a harmful, inflammatory condition that can be reversed by a professional dental team when caught in its early stages. At Moradi Signature Smiles, our qualified dentists specialize in restoring the health of your teeth and gums with effective periodontal gum treatment services. We have been helping Campbell residents fight off gum disease for over 20 years using the latest advances in dental technology, and we are committed to making your time with us as comfortable as possible. Whether you are dealing with red, swollen gums or persistent bad breath, we will halt the progression of your gum disease and bring your smile back to life.

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What Is Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease begins with bacterial growth in your mouth that, when not properly treated, can lead to tooth loss or irreversible bone and tissue damage. Early-stage gum disease, or gingivitis, is primarily caused by plaque buildup below the gum line, which causes inflammation and bleeding gums. As the disease progresses, the inner layer of the gum and bone begin pulling away from the teeth, forming periodontal pockets and giving bacteria more surface area on which to thrive. Eventually, gum disease can break down the supporting bone structures and loosen the teeth. Once that happens, the damage to the bone is irreversible.

Signs That You May Be Suffering from Gum Disease:

Gum disease is often painless and produces few obvious signs, but the following symptoms may indicate some form of the disease:

  • Bleeding or redness of the gums
  • Recurring gum swelling
  • Blood in the sink after brushing teeth
  • Metallic taste in your mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Appearance of your teeth seeming to be longer
  • Deepening pockets between your teeth when you floss
  • Loose teeth
  • Painful chewing

If you are experiencing any of these signs, please contact the staff at Moradi Signature Smiles and set up a dental exam.

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Treating Gum Disease

Proper treatment of periodontal disease is based upon your specific dental requirements, so our staff will conduct a thorough exam and develop a customized periodontal gum treatment plan to reverse the onset of gum disease. Some options may include:

  • Professional dental cleanings
  • Improved at-home hygiene
  • Antibiotic treatments
  • Scaling and root planning (deep cleanings)
  • Gum surgery

The best way to prevent gum disease from taking over your gorgeous smile is to visit the exceptional dentists at Moradi Signature Smiles. With over two decades of experience and a commitment to patient comfort, you can always depend on our staff to provide the absolute best services. The health of your teeth and gums is always our number one priority, and our gentle technicians have the softest touch in town. Call (408) 539-3003 to schedule an appointment today!

treating gum disease
treating gum disease

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